It was a chilly saturday morning of March when i was at the arrival area of Manas International airport(FRU),queuing at the passport control waiting to be stamped.Finally,i get to see Kyrgyztan which i often see on blog posts for its mezmerizing photos especially for the nature lovers and curious travellers around the world as well.As soon as i stepped out from the arrival area,i was met warmly by my good friends from bars tourism kyrgyztan and uzbek voyage and we headed directly for a sumptous breakfast in the city.As you can see,kyrgyztan is safe for female travellers.Right after,we started my exploration in some of the touristic spots of the country since there are more to see but my time cannot accomodate all.It will be perfect for my next visit, Inshaallah.Kyrgyztan was part of the ancient silk road and became part of the Soviet SSR just like its neighboring countries before gaining independence in 1991.Located at the heart of central asia,packed with stunning high peak mountains and breathtaking natural wonders,the country is truly a paradise to those who love the beauty of nature outdoors.The capital,and the largest city


First stop,the burana tower,located 80 km east of the capital Bishkek.It was established by the karakhanids(a Turkic dynasty that ruled transoxania,the ancient name of central asia),at the end of the 9nth century.It is the last remaining symbol from the medieval city of Balasagun that once stood there with its full glory.The tower was renovated in 1970s during the soviet times.There is a small museum close to the minaret which has some collection of artefacts found around the area.

A panoramic view atop the minaret
Balbals or stone steales(images cut from stones)as old as the minaret spread around the the area which is believed to be gravestones of Turks who roamed through central asia centuries ago.It’s really worth a visit to this site which is surrounded by panoramic mountains entirely covered with snow in this month of March.The sun did not set yet so we continued our trip to where we will be spending our night in the village of Bokonbayevo.Bokonbayevo,is the center of ecological tourism in kyrgyztan.It is the largest village on the south shore of Issyk kul lake.With a distance of 280km from Bishkek,travellers from local and abroad,come here to learn about the nomadic life of kyrgyz people,breathe the freshness of air and witness the resplendence of lake Issyk kul.
Inside a yurt
Kyrgyz people were Nomads who lived in yurts.Nowadays,it’s usually for the accomodations of travellers who wanted to feel the traditional home of the krygyz people. They also use it for weddings and other gatherings.
Yurt…a symbol of a kyrgyz home
Salburun,a traditional kyrgyztan hunting festival is held in this village once a year.Archery and hunting with the golden eagle are part of the event.It was really interesting to witness and experience how a huge bird devours it’s prey though it’s also heartbreaking but we all have our own cultures that we are use to.Darkness has arrived and the sky is slowly carpeted with stars,so we headed back to the yurt camp.Spending a night inside a yurt is quite an experience.I have done it in uzbekistan which i will write on my next article.The next day,we visited a family who still keep the traditional way of making wool products.A lot of work but you can see how they have lived before,very creative though the compressor they are using is already powered from electricity.You still can imagine how people work hard in the ancient times for a piece of wool clothing.
A kyrgyz woman showing us crafts that can be made from wool products
It also amazed me how they still use biofuel from livestock wastes for heating and cooking.It’s totally odorless and cost effective.
Livestock wastes being dried on top of the fence
Another one of the most amazing and interesting places to visit in this country is the skazka canyon or the fairy-tale canyon which is more well known from travellers.Hidden in the hills south of lake issyk kul,it’s really mezmerizing and so magical(depending on your imagination).Unlike the photos i have seen from previous travellers,you still can see the crazy shapes and colors formed from the elements even if it’s covered by snow that time.I truly recommend this place to add on your list when in kyrgyztan,you won’t regret!It is beautiful in any season.Nearby is Issyk kul lake,the largest lake in kyrgystan.It is also the 7nth deepest lake in the world,the 10nth largest lake in the world by volume and the 2nd largest saline lake after the caspean sea(Wikipedia).The view is definitely stunning!
Issyk kul also serves as a major biological and economic resource of the country
The three musketeers😜
We headed back to Bishkek for a restful night.I haven’t taken much photos around the city though we had a stroll.Just like any other place in a developing country,there are still a lot of developments with regards to infrastructures.People are very friendly and nice.
Lunch with the brood😊
More sights on the will definitely love it!!The ala-archa national park offers mezmerizing sceneries of mountains which can be trekked,glaciers,river and forests.Established in 1976,it’s a nature reserve along the tian shan mountains of kyrgyztan.Be sure to wear warm clothings since it’s still very cold in march.Not far from the reserve is the Ata-beyt Memorial Complex or what they call the “The grave of our fathers,”built on the burial site of the bodies of 137 people of 19 nationalities who were executed without any trial during the stalinist repression.Political history is really quite interesting and sad as well.You can learn more information from the museum located at the site.Well it’s time to continue to the southern part of the country because we need to travel by car for atleast 301 km from bishkek to the city of osh.I really prefer taking a long ride instead of a plane going to the south, to witness the breath-taking wonders along the way.And yes,in most circumstances,the loveliest and picturesque sceneries cannot be captured by any type of camera.It is best kept and processed in our memories that would last a lifetime.Here’s some snippets i took on the way.The wonderful mind-boggling sceneries which took my breath away😉
All along Jalal-Abad region are scenic mountains covered in snow
The naryn river
The toktogul reservoir is the largest in central asia.It’s a hydroelectroc and irrigation dam on the naryn river built in 1974
We opted to spend the night mid-way because it got so late already to continue with all the slippery ice-packed road.It was really a memorable part of my trip despite of my sleepy tired brown eyes🤗.Anyway,i spent the night right and woke up to a stunning view.I wish i could stay longer.Back on the road,we have reached the ancient town of uzgen along the banks of the kara darya river,part of osh region.We had a lot of stop-overs for more site seeings,a benefit of a well organized tour.
The uzgen minaret built in the 11nth century
Mausoleum complex,known as the northern,middle and southern is a representative of the 11nth and 12th century karakhanid dynasty buildings and architectures.It’s currently under renovation when i was there.
The ancient town of uzgen
I was lucky to catch a glimpse of a kyrgyz nomadic game
Osh is the cultural capital of kyrgyztan.The city has sprawling bazaars and hospitable citizens.While there is not much of architectural structures to see with its centuries old history,it definitely provide a typical central asian atmosphere.
Sulayman mountain which is the only UNESCO world heritage site in kyrgyztan(2009) is flocked by visitors,locals and abroad,to get an impressive view of the city of osh
What else there is to say about such beautiful places.I would definitely come back here one day.My tour around kyrgyztan ended at the border to uzbekistan.I did really appreciate how it was well organized for my short visit.For inquiries on Bars tourism,you can reach them on their facebook and instagram pages @barstourism.Would there be any discrepancies on this article,feel free to contact me( me on instagram @she82lleen).