We all meet different people in any stage of our lives.They either come and go or remain with us forever.I mean not literally but atleast they do despite irreplaceable circumstances.Some of them we call friends or just plain acquaintances.Some wanted to marry,the others just a single parent or what’s even more interesting are the ones who chose to be single but not left by the society.Kidding aside,we all have our own preferences in life and there is no need to argue about that.

The key to a lasting friendship is understanding each and everybody’s opinion.I don’t have a lot of friends but I do respect anyone’s idea about true friendship.When they say love is kind,friendship too.It doesn’t need a daily conversation or update to everyone’s life as long as there is genuity in the relationship.

There would be misunderstandings or mistakes among you but being open to such conversations makes the relationship stronger and worth keeping.Nobody is perfect.What is life anyway without real friends?Sometimes,true friends define ourselves,not entirely but part of us.

Years may past as long as the bond stays in their hearts then the spirit of true friendship lives on.

You don’t have to be the best to have good quality friends.Just be you.People may define you by your looks alone or your social media pages but just be open to criticisms.It makes you a better friend.True friends who sees the good in you will remain and last forever..

Cheers to friendship!