“Follow your passion.”It always pop up on our feeds especially when we need a lot of motivations.Influencers usually use this phrase in making contents accompanied with almost perfect photos of what they are into.Well, everybody wants to be happy and satisfied doing what they love but is it really worth for a living, doing the things you are most passionate with?Definitely yes,it just depends on how you understand and apply it in your lives.

Passion as defined is anything that simultaneously challenges you,intrigues you and motivates you.It’s what you are willing to sacrifice lesser leisures and pleasures.It doesn’t mean making everything as easy as what we see on photos in the internet,or quick as successful people reached the peak of their success .Passion puts you to work,it fuels your intention and strategies for creating a change.

As early as childhood,we all have passions in life.It might be the toys we love,the food we prefer or love for sport and music.While we are growing,we learn more things that draws us to be passionate with and these enable us to create our goals.

These goals in the long run,helps us live the life that we desire,doing the things we love and making a living out of it.It only requires a great effort to achieve it.As we all knew,there is no easy way up.The goals you created from your passions can make the person you ever imagined you to be depending on your approach.Be true to yourself.Work hard and love what you chose to do and for sure you can reach the pinnacle of success but you don’t stop there.Goals has deadline but it never ends.The process is long.You achieve a goal but from that goal you loved you build another one,another passion.Be willing to take risks and go with the flow as long as you are taking the right path.

Once something is a passion,the motivation is there”–Michael Schumacher

Find your true passions and turn it into smart goals.Don’t just do the usual things that you love.Be open to many influences,good or bad.Embrace them positively and work hard to achieve your goals.

Credits.Christian Fisher,How to define passion in life/the passiontest.com