First time we tried to enter Georgia from the border of Armenia,but we failed.It was during the time when they were into a lot of reformations on foreign laws and our passport was affected.Instead, we continued travelling in other parts of the latter country just not to waste few days of our vacation.Good enough we took a well organized travel guide who was the driver at the same time.Our trip wasn’t wasted,it became even more interesting and one of the most unforgettable travels I had.I went to Georgia with a friend atlast the following year.We really had a great time exploring tbilisi towards some other parts of the country.Travelling solo is nice but with a good company,it makes it even nicer.We made lots of funny stories from a delayed flight to ordering food until we get the taste we wanted.We spent all our days taking pictures,exploring new places and learning more of their history.In general,we really enjoyed and we were wishing to go back one day.

Ananuri fortress complex,a medieval fortress is home to the aragvi dynasty during the 18nth century,about an hour from Tbilisi

Don quixote in the town of Signaghi😉

Taken along the way to the green monastery or the chitakhevi monastery of St.George along the borjomi valley

photo op at the vardzia cave monastery


Moments in Gaudauri

Vardzia cave monastery site in southern Georgia built during the 2nd half of the 12th century

The rock-hewn David Gareja cave monastery complex in the Kakheti region

The aragvi river merged with mtkvari river by Mtskheta,eastern Georgia’s ancient capital

Jvari is a Georgian Orthodox monastery built during the 6th century and was completed in 605AD.It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Paragliding in Gaudari

Loving the autumn colors on the way

Ukrainian pilots in paragliding for tandem flights

Kinkali,one of the country’s must try dish…”kiss before you eat😉”

Cheers to friendship that lasts!

One interesting way to add to your itinerary in Gaudari is paragliding.You won’t regret for sure.It’s worth the fun and money.

Some picturesque sceneries in Georgia

Exploring Borjomi,a resort town in central Georgia

Statue of Joseph Stalin in Gori,his birthplace

One of my favorite places in Georgia,Kazbegi,aka Stepantsminda.It is a townlet in the northeastern of Georgia where you can see the Gergety Trinity church,the area’s most notable landmark.I have got a lot of photos to share from my first trip to Georgia but the memories instilled in my mind remain always the best.

I went back to the country recently to see part of the Svaneti Region,now alone and took the same guide we had(I love travelling private but I also take group tours).It was just a very short one since it was the last 4 days of my annual vacation.Why Georgia by the way?It was the first thing that came to my mind.It’s end of August and weather is at it’s finest.I really wanted to see another part of the country.I was always in awe looking at reviews and photos from instagram,facebook and all over the internet.Besides,it is way cheaper than most part of Europe or the west,it just suits my wallet and as short as my vacation,i can explore more places given the right plan.It was a very exhausting day before my travel so i had almost no sleep at all.I reached tbilisi midnight,then my guide took me from there and went straight for the start of the tour.Hell yes,straight travel but i love long rides.I napped every now and then before the sun comes out because I don’t want to skip any of the scenes that we will be passing by,that is how i satisfy myself travelling.Funny maybe but i wanted to enjoy every minute at my best with what I spent for,looking at all the sceneries at a new place as much as I can.We travelled more or less 9 hours towards the town of mestia stopping by any place worth seeing on the way.We stopped at the enguri reservoir for a short sightseeing.It is currently the world’s 2nd highest concrete arch dam.

In the outskirts of the country,herd of cows may own the highway😁

We continued to mestia passing by more beautiful,breath taking sites along the way.

My view from the guest house i stayed
My wandering soul with Mestia towers at the backdrop
Alert your sleeping soul😜
Try some Georgian beer😉

Life in the village
Oh this coffee shop i saw on travellers’ photos in instagram
More picturesque mountains and rivers on the way.
Pointing to the visible summit of Ushguli mountain

The journey is exhausting but worth my energy.We spent the night at a guest house and then continued the tour the next day.

One of the most amazing part of my trip this time is getting up to the chaaladi glacier.Just a short hike but full of amazing views.I was really in awe.We met a lot of travellers too enjoying the sceneries around.Mestia is truly a magical place for the nature lovers like me.

After the hike we went up to the koruldi lake instead, after cancelling the paragliding I was supposedly scheduled to do because of the unpredictable weather.It’s another wonderful site in the Svaneti region with all the beautiful high peaked snow-capped caucasus mountains.One would be truly amazed and refreshed by the jaw-dropping views surrounding it.

Off to my destination the next day,we packed and hit the road.See you again Mestia!We stayed a night in Kutaisi,the 2nd most important city in Georgia and where the House of their parliament is located.We passed by and stopped at some places as usual and then explored some other places around the city.

The famous white bridge in Kutaisi was under renovation that time

Kutaisi’s landmark

Bagrati cathedral

On my last day,we headed to Tbilisi,the capital of Georgia,to catch my flight in the evening.My short vacation came to end and I truly enjoyed it to the maximum level visiting places i have never been.Enjoying such beautiful sceneries and meeting other people.It’s not the money spent but the satisfaction in oneself that makes the journey memorable.