I was desperately calling for my mother one night.My voice is inaudible,I can’t even move my body.Suddenly,I saw a face coming towards me,closer and closer until we were facing  each other with just a few centimeters apart.All I could remember was a  floating head bearing the face of a terrifying old woman.I felt like losing my breath that time,I was so helpless and too scared that even my heart beat so fast.I  kept shouting on top of my lungs to catch the attention of my mom.She was always the first person I kept calling during these episodes even if we live miles apart.I tried my best to move my limbs but I know it’s not going.My mind was occupied with fear and desperation.I became hopeless with that hallucination,then I felt somebody’s touch on my back.It was my roommate trying to wake me up because she heard me babbling words she said she can’t even identify and understand.I sat up feeling the fear of that nightmare,telling my friend all about it.She gave me a glass of water.I thirstfully gulped it.It was really exhausting.I felt that my energy was emptied.It wasn’t the first time actually.I had it since I was 15.I thought it was only some bad dreams triggered by our daily activities or whatever we had seen during the day,that remained  in the concious mind and re-enacted similarly or the opposite during  our sleep .I was searching and reading facts about my situation until I came across Sleep paralysis,which exactly described what I was going through.

Sleep Paralysis is a rare and sometimes disturbing sleep condition that results  in feeling paralyzed but entirely lucid  and alert,it makes the person unable to move during awakening(The Science Behind Sleep Paralysis).One may hallucinate during this episode which often results in fear.Several things can bring episodes of sleep paralysis.It can be due to some medications or even sleep deprivation.

You will never know true fear until you experience sleep paralysis

Throughout history,descriptions can be found about sleep paralysis in cultures all over the world.But truth is,it is not caused by supernatural beings.

The underlying mechanism is believed  to inlvolve a dysfunction in rapid eye movement(REM) during sleep.Diagnosis was based  on a person’s description.It is usually  recommended that people be reassured that the condition is common and generally not serious.

According to studies,it affects about 8% of the general population.They experience it atleast once during their entire lives.Rates of recurrent paralysis were not as well known,but accordingly 15-45% of those with lifetime history  may meet criteria for  recurrent sleep paralysis.

The onset of sleep paralysis is usually  during adolescence,as studied by Stefani et al.Possible explanations for the onset in an adolescent can be attributed  to identity conflicts from peer influence,resulting with depression  and anxiety  associated with the developmental phase.The current knowledge of sleep paralysis  is somewhat  limited as there is scarcity of reports on what triggers it,the risk factors that comes together and the long term damage it can to do individuals experiencing it.

I did overcome  episodes of sleep paralysis working on myself but it wasn’t that quick and easy.It took me time until it became infrequent and was totally diminished in my daily life.Stress and anxieties from our everyday lives is inevitable.I would rather continue religiously what I am doing so as not to experience more nightmares.Self-discipline is the key.You know yourself best.I may not be the same with everyone but I hope this can offer as a guide.I know we are all searching on things like this but it’s always good to share some experience that may help others.

 RELAX your mind.

We all wanted to be stress-free but it’s impossible with our daily routines though we can be able to manage it to the least  we can.Stress can be acquired anywhere,anytime and any place.There are a lot of stressful events that can lead to anxieties but through proper management,we can atleast minimize or eradicate part of it inorder to rule out its adverse effects to our health and lifestyle.

Meditate. If practice for atleast 10 minutes each day,it can  help you control stress,decrease your anxiety,improve your cardiovascular health and achieve a greater capacity of relaxation(WebMD).There are a lot of guidelines circulating on the internet if you are interested.Just keep focusing on your purpose.Everything is possible with constant self discipline.

Listen to soothing music.It relaxes the mind and body from many stressful events.Music can have a profound effect on both emotions and the body.It can be a great aid when you meditate and help prevent mind wandering when you want to concentrate.As they said,music can move mountains.Music with the right rythm is therapeutic especially when paired with meditation and yoga.

Do Yoga,it helps prevent anxiety and muscle tension and may help you in your troubled sleep.Yoga involves a combination  of many stress manangement techniques in one.It is a mind-body practice that combines physical poses,controlled breathing and relaxation.What’s good with it is anybody can do it.It’s one of the simplest forms of exercise you can do to improve  your health,mind,and body.It will uplift your mood and help you sleep better at night.So when your body is calming down,your brain gets the message that all is well with you.

Eat a balance diet.Foods can tame stress in many ways.Studies reveal that stress can push people into binge eating that leads to evereating,and that’s a fact.The hormones it unleashes,and the effects of high fat,sugary foods makes you dig in more food.

Stress can also shutdown appetite.The nervous system sends messages to the adrenal glands atop the kidneys to pump out the hormone epinephrine(adrenaline),which helps trigger the body’s fight-or-flight response(Harvard Health Publishing).

Take care of your physical health,your mind goes along with it.A healthy mind can be manifested by a healthy body and soul.Take responsibility to everything you introduce to yourself.Listen to your mind and  heart.Your intuition best describe what you need to do.

DON’T forget to Pray

In everything we do,we all rely to the One above despite having different religious beliefs.But if we won’t take actions within ourselves,nothing can be done.Research shows connection between belief and sense of well-being.Improving your spiritual health may not cure illness but it may help you feel better.In fact,meditation and yoga is associated with your spiritual wellness.It enables you to think positively and explore the spiritual benefits from your core of values,beliefs and purposes.It adversely affects your psychological well-being as well and can aid you with superior ability to handle any stressful situation.

Spiritual health is achieved when you feel at peace with life.It is when you are able to find hope and comfort in even the hardest of times.It can help to support you as you experience life completely.Spirituality is different to everyone(westpath.org).It’s you who can manage your life well enough,the surrounding factors are just there to assist you with all your struggles.Boost your spirituality.Pray sincerely.

These are just some ways on how to manage stress  less the nightmares.By doing these,I am sure you can be able to  relax yourself and open your mind to face your anxieties and live a less stressful life without precipitating other anxieties or factors that can ruin your purpose to having a peaceful life.

Years of living with this nightmares lessen my self- worth because of the fear attached to it.Now in my everyday routine and sleeping without worrying,it made me more confident on myself,my anxieties from it was totally minimized though  I still have to work on it  for a more peaceful mind.Self-treatment is possible if it’s not a medically serious condition.Find youself,your inner peace, and go on with your life.Knowing your body,what it wants,why do you experience such and how to get over it opens your mind to work hard on such situations and achieve good results.Remember,hard work pays off.You can ask help from your circle;they may be your family,your friends or partner if it gets harder for you to resolve.A Specialist is required if it greatly affects your daily activities of living.Incorporate healthy habits in your lifestyle and strive to see the brighter side of every situation.You’re not alone.Life is like maze,chase the challenges  that calls your focus and be on the lead for your mindful living.

“The mind can go either direction under stress- toward positive or toward negative:on or off.Think of it as a spectrum whose extremes are unconciousness at the negative end and hyperconciousness at the positive end.The way the mind will lean under stress is strongly influenced by training.”(Frank Herbert.Dune Chronicles).