My newsfeed is inundated with mother’s day greetings but for me I better consider that everyday will be mother’s day.For those who have lost their moms,it’s so sad to relate in reality and for those who are lucky to still have a mother to call,you also can feel their happiness,not to forget new mothers,step-moms,single-moms or adaptive mothers and soon to be mothers.They are the heroes for this celebration.

I may not be a mother in the right sense, but I can also be a mother to those that I am giving care to although I can’t entirely fill the position of a real one.It takes gots to become a mother.It’s a job incomparable to any other profession in the world,it’s an endless job with no retirement age but full of pure and unwavering love.

All women has their fate.Some are gifted with a lot of kids-some aren’t,and there is always a reason behind those.We just need to respect every woman’s journey in becoming a mother,we never know what they have gone through or what they are suffering as a woman.

Tomorrow,almost everybody around the world will be celebrating mother’s day so I thought of writing something about it.I usually compose a simple poem for my mom when I was young.I remember one time,I wrote a poem and I was so shy to hand it to her and so I hid it under her folded clothes. I am not really that affection-showy kid and until now it’s hard for me to show affection towards my love-ones verbally,so i prefer writing and sending it to them.I know she read it.I still continue writing poems for her until these days.She’s one of the most caring, most patient and loving mother I know.Of course,we all say that to our mothers because they deserve it.She has gone through a lot of pains and gains I can’t explain,raising four children from a very young age while working as a full time teacher.Though I still have a father,my mom carried most of the tasks for us.I won’t say things any further but I love them both so much.Because of them ,all of us four are on the right track to what they have dreamt and wanted us to be–achieving our goals as we continue to journey our ambitious life.

A woman becomes a mother as soon as she gives birth but this times,any woman can be a mom if they chose it to be.It all depends on how they visualize themselves as one;whether adapting a baby, becoming pregnant through IVF or surrogacy,they have lots of options as long as they have the means and money,and the support of their families,partners or husbands.

I oftentimes hear and even have seen some mothers abandoning their children and children abandoning their mothers as well or there is a gap between them,it’s happening.We usually tell that a mother is the first person who must love us profoundly despite the challenges of pregnancies or hardships of life as they continue to care for us.They carried us in their wombs for 9 months and that’s not easy as swallowing food and coming out from the anus.Mothers sacrificed a lot from conception to birth of their child and rearing them until they become parents too.Sometimes,it’doesn’t end there,they will continue mothering us as long as we need them.They might have mistakes because they are just imperfect human beings but children must respect them too.There are many situations,this can be related to.It shouldn’t be always a one-sided adjustment,children must not forget how their mothers loved them,they should give back more love in return same as how they envision themselves to become a parent one day.

I salute all mothers who really are responsible in their chosen careers-being a mom is not just an ordinary career,it’s something a woman will do her entire life once she embrace being one.Children who gives respect to their mothers even if sometimes their relationships is on the verge of breaking because of certain reasons,deserves to be recognized too.Their is no greater gift to give our mothers than to show them our love.

“Being a woman by itself is a gift of God which all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother, and is a woman. A woman is the one who shares love and shows a man what sharing, caring, and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman.” – Sushmita Sen’s final answer at the 1994 Miss Universe contest.

I was only in my elementary days when I watched the pageant and I felt the impact and i guess it affected many women as well.When you see her now,having two adapted daughters and her chosen advocacies towards helping others,you will admire her more.She is a strong and independent mother,a real woman by definition and in action.

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.”-Hillary Rodham clinton-

Last week ,I invited one of my friends to watch a movie.She was hesitant at first but in the end she said yes.She is a mother and I hope she loved what we have seen.It wasn’t maybe that interesting to others because it was the Avengers week.Many movie goers preferred to watch it.I know it was a very good movie especially with this generation but I opted to watch another one.I told my friend,well that’s fantasy,but if you want, it’s fine for me-It doesn’t matter actually just to go with the trend,I can watch it with interest too.She was smiling because she also asked few of her friends who went to watch it,and they weren’t that satisfied accordingly.Maybe it’s not just their taste.I remember when we went to watch Justice league before,we weren’t that amazed too though the movie is very entertaining.We all have different preferences.We were making fun conversations after watching justice league because of Superman especially when it’s related to a woman.We concluded that although he might have super powers ,a good-looking hunk,strong and powerful like the other superheroes,it was only Lois Lane that made him soft.A woman has the ability to soften even the toughest emotion a man has or even anybody as well, same with a mother who has the ability to care for her children even in the midst of miseries.They can sacrifice their own lives for the welfare of their kids.

Anyway,we watched the movie “Red Joan” portrayed by the versatile actress and mother Judy Dench as the old Joan.The story is inspired by the case of Melita Norwood, the scientific researcher who was in 1999 unmasked as a Soviet spy. The film gives its “Red Joan” a conventionally glamorous Apostle-style career in Cambridge University that Norwood didn’t have, along with a much less ideological, more mainstream-friendly approach to cold war politics. In the movie,Joan Stanley is a widow living out a quiet retirement in the suburbs when, shockingly, the British Secret Service places her under arrest charging her with providing classified scientific information – including details on the building of the atomic bomb – to the Soviet government for decades. As the interrogation gets underway, Joan relives the dramatic events that shaped her life and her beliefs.

It actually gained some bland reviews from viewers,30% rotten tomatoes.It might be boring to others but patient viewers may find the story intriguing.In fact,we were only 2 couples in the theatre,maybe because it was late since it’s the last full show at 00:10 past midnight but I know most people went to watch the box office hit,the Avengers.The movie started and in a couple of minutes,the other pair left,maybe it was really boring for them.We just continued watching.Well,I don’t know if my friend really like it but she always say yes to whatever I will suggest,that’s the essence of friendship by the way.

I will just leave the political aspect regarding her charge of espionage which is where the story revolves for others to discuss,the movie conveys a very important message too.The main character pleaded to her Barrister son to represent her during litigation but the son was too furious by what he found out to accept it.It’s way understandable to have an initial reaction like that because of the embarassment it brought to their family but the twist is when she was about to defend the accusation by herself infront of journalists,the son suddenly appeared and stood by her mother’s side.You really can’t tolerate seeing the woman who loves you more than anybody.

A mother is always a mother,it need not acquired nor deserved.Give them a gentle tap on their shoulders.They deserve to be loved unconditionally.

“A mother’s happiness is like a beacon,lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.”-Honore de Balzac-

Happy mother’s day to all mothers out there.