When we are thirsty,we drink.When we’re hungry we munch on any food we desire or when we want to satisfy our urge to travel,we work hard to fulfill it.There are many ways to achieve our needs,desires or wants in life and positive results always lead to complacency.

I was googling few things when I came across some interesting articles on people’s experiences in travelling and how they cut their budget to the least that is sometimes unbelievable.It’s actually persuading and makes you eager to travel to those countries mentioned with a minimal budget.I don’t travel a lot,it’s only when I have the opportunity to do so, but when I travel ,I prefer to visit as much places as I could,given enough time and finances and with the right planning.I try to get more information to augment what I have read especially the details of expenditures,and the places to see,I can search for some descriptions too.

Don’t rely on people’s experiences Only

We all knew that not everything we read is factual especially if it’s somebody’s own story on his or her experience.One of my friends usually tell me,when reading opinions on experiences of travellers or maybe anybody who writes about it(not in general actually),put your trust at 50/50 always,50% factual and 50%so-so.Perhaps true,because many or some bloggers and even writers tends to fabricate stories they write.I read the book “Three cups of Tea” by Mortenson and Relin,and it’s quite interesting and exciting as well that I was nailed into reading it until the end,then I googled about it since it was base on true experiences by one of the author himself.It was just sad to know that some parts are actually inaccurate or some did not really happen, stories that made it more intriguing.It’s one of the reason why his co-author had guilty conscience.He fell into depression and commited suicide.Well this is just one reality and it’s actually happening a lot.People tend to do everything to lure or manipulate clients inorder to buy or support their stuffs.Again not everybody but many in general.It’s the way of doing business nowadays.It’s satisfying one’s desire to be recognized or plainly for self-satisfaction in this messy world.But the reward sometimes is embaras


Search Before Assuming

Ferret out details from everything you hear and read.Planning a trip is easy to say but for visa processing or some other documents needed before your travel-it is also time consuming.Your finances and status of job must be well considered too.Though others make their living by travelling,it’s another story.It’s how they find contentment in working,and in finding their passions.

In developing countries,almost everything is cheaper compared to the developed ones.Locals are generally hospitable and generous despite the simplicity of life they have.You can see them being satisfied with every simpler things they possess.In fact,studies show that people who doesn’t own the luxe like the privileged ones have, are way happier.They work hard to live a well satisfied lives.They try to be as decent as it should be except those who are just playing on people’s trust.In every place,there are always those who go against the nature-people who work only for money as long as their business is thriving.In general,nobody’s perfect.We all have our ways in satisfying ourselves.

On the other hand,many or some travellers wanted to see a lot of sites and to spend the least amount of money as possible.It’s good but,you can’t do that together unless there is a reasonable situation;it may or can be possible.For a quality service,it goes with the right payment for both sides’ fulfillment.When travelling respect the jobs of the locals,especially those who work hard for an income.There maybe circumstances that you have to argue for few things but know when to pay the right dues and when not to.It’s all base on your judgement but never be out of compassion.We are all humans anyway and we wanted to satisfy ourselves travelling and they wanted a good outcome in return.It’s just a mutual benefit.

Plan ahead and prepare financially

You don’t need to travel luxuriously to enjoy all the sites you wanted to see.With careful planning and organizing your itineraries and finances,everything can be possible.Don’t believe all that you have read,go-see and experience it yourself,let those articles or video travelblogs serve as your guide to a well organized plan.

You can visit as many sites as you want and enjoy all the beauty it offers with just the right amount of money you budgeted rather than running here and there,to catch the cheapest cab,or cheapest anything,arguing with the locals or other travellers that you’ve searched this and that regarding prices or fares.It’s just degrading to those who are working decently with a small amount of pay for their good services and it’s even time consuming.Spend your money and time efficiently.Random travels usually doesn’t let you see sites,you never know are even more amazing than where you’ve been because of your belief in planning with your own style.My thought is,if you really want to travel,prepare for it financially.In this kind of world,never expect freebies to cut down your expenses,never expect prices to stay the same as what you have read from past travellers.Of course,you can haggle prices but must be in the right manner and in the right places.We never know especially locals working hard if they are struggling too to make their ends meet.There are exceptions for sure,and we know well how to judge.

Don’t just satisfy your own beliefs.You may have travelled in a different time or season and the fact that there is no permanent thing in life.Everything changes.The economy is always fluctuating.Price Inflation of goods and services must always be considered.Don’t just rely to to the opinions of others regarding their experiences.

Sometimes,we have that feeling of proving that we are right in what we believe though we know the consequences of those but we need not be this kind of person.We need to understand that we are not only satisfying ourselves but others too.As travellers,we must consider the peoples’ lifestyle in every location we are going.Travel not only for the stamps on your passport,travel not only for your leisurely satisfaction or proving to yourself and others that you did the right thing,instead,travel and educate yourself better,that is the reward of being content in what you have done,in what you have experienced.
To travel is to explore new places,learning about it and their locals and reflecting the good things from those experiences among the places you’ve been to.Travelling is a nonstop learning,opening our eyes to the realities in every part of the world we were given opportunities to visit.It’s not only a matter of money when you think of travel-it’s the overall impact in our lives,it’s finding how to live our lives with contentment.

Fulfilling our desires is really rewarding especially when you work hard on it.Be it on your travels or on your daily lives,always find a reason to find a sense of your well being in any situation.It’s never a hard thing but always a challenge,if you focus on what you really want.