Sometimes the product of too much preparation in doing something can often become a failure, it all depends on your approach. Unplanned set of circumstances that you can’t just ignore, may sometimes give surprising results also though success is base on how you find contentment on what you’ve accomplished.

I once took a subprofessional exam just to add some credit in searching for a future job after college .I failed. I was prepared with all my needs but unprepared for what might be. It’s also my fault because I didn’t foresee the outcome. After college, I went for a more intense review to prepare for my licensure exam. My mom paid all my dues from lodging to examination fees. I failed. I was so embarassed. I felt I was a failure to them though they always keep encouraging me to be optimistic, to never lose hope .They still believe in me as their daughter. It’s not your time yet maybe, they usually tell that to motivate me and make things better. They kept supporting my ambitions. They were my greatest motivation actually.

I didn’t stop chasing my goals. Being ambitious is always a positive trait when in doubt of your abilities. It keeps you going. Your ambitions will always keep tickling your conscience to keep you on the right track. Embrace how it attracts your enthusiasm and incorporate it in life’s reality.

Not everything is a failure

I again reviewed for a retake in that exam but that time by my own already, whenever I have a spare time because I took a temporary job. I need to work to have something atleast to spend for myself .I took the exam the same year. I passed,at last!Who won’t be delighted anyway. It was relieving. It might not be a high passing rate but I know I did my best.My effort was rewarded.

We need to accept that life is not always heaven. If you want to achieve happiness, the most perfect one is accompanied with the most bitter undergoings. What is there to enjoy wholeheartedly when you achieve something at just a blink of an eye. It’s better to attain success by working hard on it.

Unluckily, that profession didn’t give me a bread to live. It’s another failure on my part, because I wasn’t able to land a job .Years of studying hard and expenses that can’t be calculated went to nothing though I realized it’s not really.It served as the foundation to who I am now. I ventured in another field which I know can make me a living. I didn’t quit. I took a short course to have an idea about the job I’m going to enter. It was a success. But that doesn’t mean, I am already satisfied where I am at the moment. I still keep on trying to find things I could be happier with. I am only preparing for something better.It may or may not take a longer process but I will be hoping to be there. People can never be satisfied by what they have or what they are indeed .It’s innate. We always want to prepare for something better. A BS degree holder, wanted to have a Master’s degree, and after attaining it, he wanted to have a Ph.D. Life doesn’t let you get stuck in one place alone.Everyday comes different thoughts, and these thoughts let you formulate ideas more ambitious. Achieving our goals doesn’t end right away. It is always goals over goals. We tend to create another goal from the goals we achieved.

Goals are better attainable when a person has a relax well-being. Imagine doing the tasks you were assigned all in a good mood. You can accomplish a lot of things smoothly when you enjoy doing it. Your good vibes enable you to be more energetic thereby making your job as if easier,less stress and better outcomes.

In my daily routine nowadays, it’s not easy for me to go for another change inorder to improve my job status. But despite of it, I went for a try again. I was unprepared academically because I didn’t have enough time to review for myself and I didn’t take a private review class since it was expensive for me. My stocked knowledge had been rusted for a long time but it didn’t stopped me to what I intended to take. I just relied to what I knew on those times, from the lesson guides I often read from the internet and from the few books I was able to read . It took me a lot of courage to do it. I am a little bit of a shy person when being interviewed. By the way the first part of the exam is a one on one speaking session, sort of like an interview mode. I was so nervous, I couldn’t imagine what the questions will be and how am I going to answer all those as I was really unprepared for that part. But I nailed it. I just thought anyway, I ate my breakfast well and most especially I drank my coffee which boosted my sleeping soul awakening my mind. It was all I did to prepare myself prior to that. It gave me positive thoughts. It helped me perform well ,to be physically in a lucid state.

Confidence makes you smart

My name was called and I entered the room. A young gentleman,maybe my age or even younger,offered me a seat infront of him and straightforward he introduced how the test is going to happen. First question, I took a deep breath, smiled and answered right away. Another question, then another, that everytime I answered he took more question from it and asked me to laborate more. It was a little bit tricky though. Finally, the final question came, and I answered too with a relax and smiling face hiding the uneasiness I was feeling that time, making me want to run away already though I know I was well composed for that matter. After a week, I took the other parts of the exam and when I had the results, it was all satisfactory. The greatest feeling of accomplishment is knowing that you can do anything by yourself as long as you believe in your capabalities. Let other people judge you the way they wanted, they never walked where you’ve set foot anyway and you don’t need to explain anything. They only know what you let them to. Believe in yourself that you can do things you never expected you can. Besides we never know our worth or capacity if we won’t risk some things from our part. I am off to another goal again and I hope it would be worth all my efforts.

You might not be prepared to what life is all about while on your journey,but always be prepared for all the challenges that comes your way.