It’s black shiny fur,his piercing look from such beautiful green eyes and his somewhat hunky physicality,he kept following her every single day.

Twenty years ago,when they came to live in this neighboorhood,there were many stray cats roaming around.More than a decade of residing here,this special cat arrived from nowhere and since then,they formed an unexplainable bonding that even their neighbors and people who came to know them were deeply amazed.The cat was a stray but gentle.Nice people usually give him food and water in the park or just at the grounds of the building he took shelter at. The lady was raised with a loving and caring family.She is actually a mentally and physically challenged individual.

Her usual itinerary is to take a walk almost every morning.Once the cat heard her voice or sometimes even without sounds at all,he comes running towards her quickly rubbing his body on the lady’s legs.He doesn’t do that to the other residents in the building or to other people ,the relationship is just between them,more like bestfriends between a human and an animal.People say,it must have been a reincarnation of somebody who has a good heart.They called the cat,”the guide.”When they don’t see him with the lady,they always asked his whereabouts.It became a regular sight for them.But actually the cat is just around the corner,chased by some playful crows.

You might say why don’t they just adopt him.Owning a pet is not cheap and easy,you have to take care of them same like human.They act like babies all through their lives.They won’t become adults like us.They need our help all throughout.So if you plan on having one,think a lot and prepare for that responsibility.Some people pet on other animals lovingly but they don’t like to own one-because of the additional responsibility.Others,they love pets but they hated their furs sticking everywhere or the animals destroying their things.

I once heard some passersby calling the cat ugly.It’s disgusting!People always love to criticize.I use to think in this part of the world,people love dogs more-because you can’t almost see stray dogs anywhere.They have good homes whilst cats just roam around outdoors.Seasons change,the fittest will survive.In other parts of the world,they are delicacies.Well that’s gross.Compassion to animals is fading.They became a commodity.They served as raw materials for expensive apparels and accessories not to mention for food in addition to those regularly consumed.They use them for experiments too.It’s the real world.

The guide cat may not have a humble home but his, is in the heart of those who cares for him.If and only I could take him as mine but I can’t.My home is open to animals but it’s miles away.Lifestyle in this part of the world is expensive.There are animal shelters but not all are given opportunity just like human shelters.We have 4 stray cats at the moment.They live with my parents.They sleep and eat with them.They are well taken cared of.My sister took them from the streets of the city.They where just a month old when she discovered them.If only everybody will do this kind act especially when they have the capabilities to support,not only to cats but to mankind and all other animals who need a shelter to thrive,then the world would be in harmony.Those are just the ifs of course.We can’t change the reality but we can start every good thing in ourselves first.

Dark maybe his color but his heart is pure.That cat is blessed.He is a proof that you can still find a true friend anywhere who will always stand by your side despite of who you are.There maybe communication gaps but the affection through actions is much more stronger.

Live with compassion.The world has a lot of critics already.