Despite having an intolerable and capricious temper,you tend to be mindful with others‘ sensibilities.

It may look beautiful living in that urban area with the stunning high rise apartments in the new suburb.Expensive as it is but with all the consequences to consider.

You won’t be alone entering the main door.Besides,you only own a part of it.There are other tenants to deal with.You have to share for the daily bills accumulated within the building aside from your own unit.You have to possess high tolerance for noisy neighbors or else you end up into a sleepless night.

There is actually a limit for such noises in every city,I think anywhere in the world too. Authorities can meddle with it but it seems awkward since such neighbors seem to be nice to you though it’s already pissing you off.It’s not only once or twice but you dare not complain.You still can tolerate.Tolerance-it’s all what you do.You hold on your temper.You try to understand everything or everybody around.Does it affect your own conscience?It may or may not but you prefer it that way.Unless it’s already too much to handle.Or when the raucousness of such neighbors  made you change your behaviour.

In some parts of our lives, we just need to be more considerate depending on those circumstances rather than be the cause of more chaos.Though there are moments that we need not to.Some choose to confront the problem which may or may not have a better outcome,others choose not to.But people nowadays I guess will better deal with it without minding the other party’s reaction as long as they were able to address their complaints.And that should be the case.Silence became a rare commodity nowadays.It’s seldom found in any urban area unless you live in a more affluent or maybe well organized and well mannered neighborhood.

So what do you think you can do when you can’t stop such annoying neighbors?Of course,not everybody is like you.Or maybe the others can’t hear what is audible at your corner.So as if they don’t mind anything at all.And it will appear like you are the only one complaining, which is the case.That is why you prefer not to speak about it.You will meet those neighbors at the elevator or anywhere outdoor and then you just smile at them.That’s the reality-like everything is okay but deep inside you want to tell them something.What is there to say anyway.And for people like them,they aren’t aware of anything-they will never know that they  are already an annoyance to the other tenants of the building because for them everything was normal.There is nothing to talk about.Life revolves like that.

Sometimes you can hear also deafening sounds on the walls like somebody’s hammering something or drilling a hole towards your space,how do we know especially during the hours of rest.Maybe they’re doing some cleaning or just mainly pounding a nail to hang a wall decor.What is more irksome are those dragging furnitures even in the middle of the night.I don’t actually know if it were really furnitures or whatever but at midnight,only crazy people do the cleaning at such hours that everybody must be snuggling in their beds already.

So much with the complaints.There are ways you can minimize or eradicate the noise.Speak it out to the management or confront the persons involved.Voice out what is bothering you with composure,maybe they would consider it better.If it doesn’t work you can transfer your room to a corner where lesser or no noise is audible.It’s like staying in a hotel and asking for a room farther from the bustling highway for a more peaceful sleep-you can sleep at a quieter corner of your space,when the neighbors are partying or disturbing you.Others who can afford may opt to transfer to a more quiet neighborhood.It happens quite a lot.It’s only the stress of transfering and adjusting to another environment that is not easy and also the financial responsibilities associated with it.One more thing,which is also practical,especially those living in urban areas with non stop disturbances,once in a while take vacations in rather peaceful places;countrysides are recommended.Rather than staying somewhere that has no difference at all with the situation  where you live.It will help revitalize your mental and physical well being.You need to find something to better your mood when there are no other resorts.

Sleep disturbance and not having enough sleep caused by  unbearable noises can lead to some diseases,studies revealed.Such environments has  great effects to our mental and physical health and we are the one maneuvering our own lives.

“Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace,”if we can fix it,why not.If we can’t,there are a lot of alternatives.