Why do you need to prioritize your health.

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Your greatest capital in living a good life is to invest the most to your health.We often hear “health is wealth”,I’m sure of that. Since we were kids, our parents keep on reiterating on us to eat well, go to bed early,wake up early and always groom ourselves .When you love yourself and you take care of your health,mentally and physically, all the other aspects will follow.

Years back, almost five days a week,I spent my time with the elderlies particularly women, though there were few men in the circle. All of them have diversified sentiments in life and it’s a privilege to be one of their confidante in the later years of their lives.Sounds good,right?Sometimes,they even confide secrets that they won’t tell their children or any of their family members even if you don’t have any blood relationship at all.At times,you really empathize with all of them but you’re alone and with nothing to do but be their absorber.You just listen and can only give some comforting advice paired with compassion and your power to keep a happy face all the time, remaining as affable as you can. That would make them happier indeed.You asked them what were they grateful for in life and what do they need more at that stage of their lives, “only good health and nothing more ,they exclaimed.“All of them will have the same answer.When you are at the later part of your life,what more would you ask for rather than stand on your own feet just like the old days.But that is impossible!Good health all throughout your life depends on how you handle it and how the aging process affect your body. But let us also consider how they worked hard when modern technologies weren’t around yet.No computers,no internet for sure,no smartphones nor remote control televisions as well, no gym apparatus or whatever that may keep them physically fit. But the good part was,most commodities that they consumed were organic foods,that’s why they lived longer than our generation now despite such old age problems. They are our grandparents,who almost doesn’t know anything about such technologies. They spent almost all of their lives doing everything manually.They got all those unbearable or unexplainable body aches with the kind of jobs and lifestyles they had ,we can’t just judge them but for us, we can do better for ourselves to lessen such distressing effects of aging.

Getting older is not easy

Psychologically,it really affects the mentality of an individual-that won’t be debatable I guess.It makes them more sensitive to any situation associated with getting older.

When you begin to have wrinkles,skin tags,aging spots or even pain in every part of your body,you seem to lose your self-worth.You are in that denial stage of aging which should have been embraced naturally.It’s easy to tell them but you need a lot of patience to convince an elderly about the pleasure of living despite of those physical effects-getting old makes you more hard headed and sensitive actually.Not all are open minded to accept the reality of an aging body,they would rather die at the moment,it’s all what you can hear,rather than agonize with the results of aging .It’s understandable if you put yourself in their shoes.You just have to be patient cajoling them over and over about life’s beauty in that stage.

Aging is inevitable but you can make the process go as smooth as it should be.Or you can slow down the process by managing a healthy lifestyle.We can’t make our body a hundred percent healthy but we can atleast do the things necessary to make our lives worthier until we reach the geriatric age.

People who have been physically active while they were younger tend to be stronger than those who have passive lives, maybe right and/or wrong.It only depends how their health state react to certain situations.Not actually everybody who has an active and healthy lifestyle will have a painless,spotless or wrinkleless getting older physicality.Others who are mentally active in their entire lives may develop alzheimer’s disease which we may never expect and it’s hard to accept sometimes,like the late stateswoman Margaret Thatcher. For some, who almost lived healthily, they may suddenly have heart diseases ,diabetes or other diseases associated with aging.We can’t predict and we never know but we can still do our part to follow a better lifestyle for our gain.

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Conversing with the elderlies make you seem like a Doctor,a psychologist and sometimes even like their parents as well,even though you are twice or thrice younger than them.Working with this kind of people is like becoming mature as you learn a lot of things from their stories.Their lives from the past,their experiences,their daily activities at present-it’s actually mind enriching.You will have an idea how not to do their mistakes caring for themselves when they were in their budding and energetic periods.You can be able to practice a better lifestyle to minimize those miseries of the elderlies you’ve encountered when you reach that certain stage base on their stories alone. Everything can be done if you start it now and while you are still able.Don’t do yoga,exercise or some mindful and physical activities when you don’t already have the ability.Eat healthy while you can too.Balance you lifestyle.

Time is gold.All of us will age but we can enjoy the process rather than be despondent by it’s consequences.We need to accept that all is natural and that by doing the things which gives us comfort and benefit,we can have a smoother aging process.It doesn’t mean that you have to be very active every second of the day or eat the healthiest food on earth.You just have to have a healthy mind to accomplish what is needed.A healthy mind leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Love yourself.It’s what you need first to start any goal,whether health or profession.Get on the lead,nothing is too late if you start it now.