photo by me Rehovot,Israel


They are lined up in parks,along  streets or hi-ways and in frontyards of some private homes or high rise apartments.You can see somewhat distinct purple-blue color just popping out in between ornamental plants and trees.It’s really astounding and is so cool to the wandering eyes especially  this start of summer.

Jacaranda mimosifolia or the fern tree are found in almost every park in this area.They usually begin transplanting them at their matured stages and irrigated continuously through drip lines which is one of the greatest innovation of Israel. End of April towards the month of May is their flowering stages but prior to that they shed their leaves during the cold season.Whilst in the northern hemisphere,the flowering stage is July- September and fruiting is summer-autumn.They are so pleasing to the eyes that you can’t resist their charm just by looking at it.The blossoms smell like a mild sweet honey.You may think you spied something out of a fairy tale but it’s real.

One day,I was just roaming around the park and accidentally was able to witness a couple arguing about some personal matters that was so unpleasant but it’s audible to my curious ears, I just smiled at them when they greeted me.They were actually an acquaintance of mine so we chatted for a while and I told them how amazing the jacaranda tree is infront of us not to ruin a very nice day.They forgot their discussion and we talk about the tree itself.It’s funny and disrespectful sometimes to interfere and thwart some unpleasant circumstances but it works.There is always the magic of deviating the topic into a more positive outlook in life especially when talking about the beauty of the surroundings.

The jacaranda has been declared as the most exotic tree in Los Angeles,California in 1933.Pretoria in South Africa is popularly known as  the Jacaranda City because of the enormous number of trees planted in parks and along streets.But being an invasive species,they are no longer allowed to be planted in that place.Although it is native to tropical and subtropical regions of the South and Central America,it is also widely grown in Australia and Asia.Usually it is cultivated in many places where there is no risk of frost, though established trees with the protection of hardwood can tolerate brief spells of temperatures down to around 7 degrees celsius. It is one of the almost 50 species of Bignoniacea family and considered to be vulnerable in its conservation status.Its leaves are fern-like and dark green in color.Clusters of soft and indigo(a very rich color  between violet and blue) trumpet-shaped flowers bloom usually in spring and early summer.Legend says that if the flowers fall on your head ,it means good fortune for you.You can try it but don’t rely on it.

The tree is believed to symbolize wisdom,rebirth,wealth and goodluck.It has also been used as a natural remedy for treating bacterial infections,gonorrhea,syphilis and leukemia.Treatment for neuralgia,varicose veins,acne and skin infection were also listed as its uses.Because of its striking appearance and many uses it has become a popular cultural references in many countries where it is most cultivated.Like in Australia,the Christmas song “where the gum trees grow,” is referred to the jacaranda trees as the blooms are only seen in summer time and in Pretoria,South Africa, it was also referred in the song by Kurt Darren Staan Op.It was referred too as the base  story of the book by Alejandro Dolina, Chronicles of the gray Angel in Argentina, depicting about the legend of the jacaranda tree which was able to whistle tango songs on demand.Many singers dedicated  their songs to that tree even the British singer songwriter  Steve Tilston.

There are   also folklores associated with the tree used by students in south east Qeensland and Pretoria especially during  completion of their assignments and final exams.They made the presence of the tree  in their surroundings as signage for their study periods.But those are just beliefs not proven.Anybody can symbolize anything and connect it according to their way of living. It’s not always base on Science.

The tree must be planted in an open spot with sandy soil and enough exposure to the sun.The soil must be kept moist and prunning while in its growing stage must always be included on its daily care.The smaller branches must be trimmed also early in the spring to give the best shape to show off those stunning blooms.The jacaranda is undoubtedly a gem of nature.

As I pass by those  trees everyday,I knew there is always the brighter side of life despite  all the odds.You can learn something from anything you see around you and associate it to your daily living.You can see even the beauty of every simple thing if  you know how to appreciate well.