The earth will not continue to offer its harvest,except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.“—John Paul II—

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We always try to do as much as we can or achieve every goal that we have in mind according to our needs.We wanted to travel as much as we can and even eat the foods we desire as much as we do.We can never be satisfied as human beings with whatever is enough that we already possess. People are becoming the hoarder of hobbies and activities which oftentimes, not all are actually necessarily beneficial to their well-being.Instead,they just wanted to cross it out from their long bucketlists.

Travelling is by far one of the hottest commodities in this modern era.We hear it from friends,acquaintances and even from strangers how amazing and interesting a certain place is. We see it on TV especially on social media platforms.People became surprisingly more interested to travel nowadays because of the great influence of social medias.Those picture perfect photos from “influencer” travellers as what they’re called,really gives us the enthusiasm to travel to such amazing places and take great photos like them,even it goes beyond rules to the extent that it’s either not allowed or inaccessible for people. Travellers tend to go against the law oftentimes especially that a lot of influencers nowadays can make money from photography alone or other associated money-making deals from travelling. For sure,governments of certain places can gain a lot of revenues from tourism but it also comes with great consequences as expected,which authorities are aware of.

I visited my country two months ago after 4 years of not having a sight on how it was since the last time I got a good glance of it.Four years had changed a lot.It’s like seeing my nephew young in my memory back then, and now it’s unbelievable that he’s suddenly a grown up teenager with a girlfriend. Change is really the only permanent thing on earth.We can’t argue with that.And we are the predominant drivers of such changes particularly when it comes to our environment.

More and more travellers are visiting my country and in fact even during my flight,I happened to interact with a few who were so excited to see our beautiful islands in the East. It’s really gratifying that a lot of foreigners are interested to see the hidden gems of my country,the beautiful archipelago surrounded by the great pacific ocean.It’s overwhelming but thinking that it is becoming crowded by curious local and foreign tourists,the site might be less appealing in the long run if the authorities don’t put limits on what can be done and what can’t be done on the site to preserve it’s natural state.It shouldn’t be money matters alone.Their should be responsible tourism on both sides.Besides,everybody can benefit from it,and for the next generation as well.

I went back to one of my favorite hiking spot near my place and I notice that there are additions or it looked somewhat different from my previous visit.Since it was frequented by many tourists local and abroad,they built or I may say,part of the nature was turned into a paved pathway that made it more accesible for travellers.The intention was good but it doesn’t already show the natural beauty of it’s original state.Souvenir shops were permitted though comparing it to other touristic sites, it’s lesser but I guess it made the place less attractive. These are part of the modernization that we try to live with because of the booming of tourism business. But it should atleast have limitations considering the effect to the entire environment and the impact from the number of visitors travelling to such places.

Some travellers sometimes tend to be inconsiderate about the surroundings of the sites they are visiting ,leaving piles of trashes and vandalizing areas of the particular places. Some are even doing acts which are against the belief and traditions of the locals not giving any respect at all just because they don’t mind or maybe they don’t know anything about the place and people. Please be knowledgeable wherever you go.These kind of acts destroy the true meaning of responsible tourism. We need to always consider the locals of such communities when travelling if we want to be treated the same way.Whether it be the country side or in the big cities.Learn to adapt in every situation.Be flexible with your characters and attitude.

If you love the place where you were born, learn to love the places you are about to see also.

It’s so sad and heart breaking to have these kinds of irresponsible people or circumstances.Many beaches particularly in Asia, where there are a lot of spectacular places to see and is flocked by many travellers who finds it cheaper and more interesting, were closed for quite a time to restore and rehabilitate it due to the effect of over tourism.Investors legally allowed by the government had built more establishments to satisfy the demands of people,local and abroad, and to lure more clients as well. Sometimes not all their game plans are actually allowed by the law but there are a lot of “under the table” transactions,thereby contributing to the detrimental effects on its surrounding enviroment.It happens actually anywhere.When people were able to achieve their primary goals,they wanted more of it even if it goes beyond nature.

We already have heard countries complaining about over crowding of tourists.Local residents especially,because they are already bothered by it’s negative effect though it’s really great for them to see tourists who love to see their captivating countries. Recently, the crowding of climbers in Mount Everest that have caused the lost of how many lives,invaded news worlwide on television and the internet. Prior to that,there was a clean up drive all over the area taking down tonnes of trashes and discovering dead bodies of climbers from the mountains. How in the world do people flock in a certain area just to satisfy their goals.Maybe for others,it’s really what they are passionate with and we can’t blame them.Some have positive intentions,others may just want to climb for curiousity or satisfaction of their desires and for the best feeling on top of the world. Such acts include risking everything in their part. But on the other hand, the local government must also be responsible for the climbers, providing them the best care and assistance in any circumstances that may arise because we never know what will happen during the days or months of ascent, since many are attracted to climb the highest mountain even though it comes with an expensive tag. They must establish better ways to limit tourists as well as preserving the nature and beauty of the place. In Europe too,some countries are already recommending tourists to go visit others parts of the continent because neighborhoods are bothered by the influx of tourists from all over the world affecting their daily lives. It’s always good for businesses and for the country’s welfare but there should always be limit to balance everything around.

The world is easier now to access by anybody because of modern technologies but we must be thoughtful enough not to cause troubles to others and the environment as a whole. It can’t be done in a moment but if we start it in ourselves,maybe others can do it too. Take photos as memories and even if the best experiences can’t be captured, process it in your mind to last a lifetime.

Take responsibility in every move you do.It’s okay to be curious and travel anywhere you want that you can afford but always take with you the value of humility.It all goes together with being organized in your own life.