There is nothing you can’t accomplish on your lists of “to do’s” if you have a healthy and positive mindset.

Image by Tanner Boriack,

How about waking up in the morning and drawing a smile rightaway on your face looking towards the sunrise despite all the burdens of yesterday.

We oftentimes neglect that the way we think is the connoisseur of our daily activities. If you won’t put your thoughts into possitivity, perhaps your life will always be in a hurly burly.

I see a lot of women and men everyday, who does all the physical and mindful activities available on site, for the purpose of living a healthy and positive lifestyle. Definitely,we all wanted to be as healthy and active as we should be.

Some are dedicated to wait for good results of what they are into while some lose the courage and patience immediately. There is no instant outcome for anything worthwhile in life. You have to exert effort along your journey. It’s like saying, there is nothing free in this modern world anymore. You have to work hard to enjoy the perks of living in this generation.

It’s all a work of the mind. If you believe you can do it-then go on. There is no harm in trying. Discipline, patience and determination are few of the keys if you want to achieve a certain goal. No matter what people think of you, just keep on pursuing the things that leads you to the right path.

Your mind is the manager in every decision you make for your body. Of course you wouldn’t be functioning without the use of your brain, that’s why you need to take care of it the best that you can.Mental health is very important for you to manage anything in your life.

I often converse and mingle with individuals who have problems physically, especially in their lower back and body joints,which they keep on complaining to the point of exhausting my patience trying to listen from them repeatedly. They go for swimming exercises, stretching their muscles and joints more than the usual because they believed, it would help them. But it’s only a temporary relief when you only do it just for physical reasons. It doesn’t yield anything better. It shouldn’t be your main goal. Be thoughtful.Your mind and heart must be into it.

You must love and enjoy whatever you do to your body. Your mind is actually reminding you this, but there is a part of you putting such thoughts into negativity or hesitations. It’s a fact. People can give the best advice to others with regards to taking care of their health rather than for themselves. They knew exactly what is needed to do but they wouldn’t assimilate it in their daily activities. If you don’t accept how your mind influence your life possitively, then you won’t be able to achieve your basic goals.

Any physical activities for the health needs a relaxed and focus mind to enjoy the process without being worn out.

One woman with the same problem, goes for pilates and yoga but complains about the leisurely manner of body movements on such activities because she craves for more action. She tried the gym but it exhausted her quickly. You need to know the capabilities of your body and learn to accept it rather than pushing every effort you can up to the limit, or else,you end up with worse pains. Your body relies on how your mind work, follow the good thought it is instructing you.

If you can’t choose the best self treatment for your physical problem,and going to an Orthopedic doctor doesn’t do any better, then you really need to figure out what might be the best way to ease such pains without torturing yourself.

Although what she was doing is already in favor for a better physical health depending on the way she would integrate with her problems-a more strenuous physical activity can worsen the situation for sure. You need to be patient for a positive result. Working on your mindset for the body to do such pain-relieving activities that you think can help alleviate your aches, is easier if you focus on the positive side. Life is not easy-everybody needs to work hard committedly to do what they wanted in life.

Your mind must be the starting point of anything that you wanted to accomplish. If you are used to a very busy life, running errands here and there, then maybe your body is just stressed out and needed to relax. Besides, being busy is underrated. You can be busy but if you really wanted to do something else purposeful , you can find ways with proper time management.

It’s the mind that gives signs when your body needed help or when your body has a problem that must be attended , and even when your life is in shambles. It’s mind over matters of you. Be wise and smart to acknowledge how your thinking influence your physical aspects.

I picked up and revised part of some interesting words from the former first lady, the remarkable Michele Obama, from her book “Becoming”, wherein we could apply in our daily lives. ” Life is teaching us, that progress and change happens slowly. Not in two hours, a day or a year but it depends on your approach. We are planting seeds of change, the fruit of it we will be able to see if we do the right things. We just have to be patient and determined.” You really can learn a lot from this lady’s insights, work and life experiences.

Challenge your minds or rather, challenge yourselves. Don’t be stuck in one strategy. The world is full of alternatives and you have all the options.

Work out your mind first and do the things you want . Healthy mind equals healthy body and lifestyle.

You want to pursue something worthwhile, put an effort. Nothing is as easy as abracadabra. Even complaining requires a lot of energy.

Love yourself-it’s the greatest thing to do for a good mentality.