You can have as many friends as you want but connect regularly only to those who can build a better you.

Image by Papaioannou Kostas, Unsplashed

There are a lot of good friends out there and like you, they aren’t perfect. They can share with you the best care a friend can do but there are some aspects in them that you wouldn’t be appreciative more. It may be the kind of love life they have, the kind of daughter, son, spouse or sister in their families or it may be the way they lead their own lives how they wanted it. You can be the best of friends but sometimes it’s awkward to comment on their personal choices. We usually leave those undiscussed to preserve the essence of camaraderie.

Although you can’t pinpoint anything bad about his or her genuity with regards to your relationship, there are still few things you have to consider.

Friends come and go, but be smart enough to absorb those who have notable characters that may help shape your life, same as how they accept you as you.

When I graduated from college, my first job wasn’t in line with my profession. I worked with people of different professions trying to make money like me with whatever temporary job we can do to make our ends meet.

It’s interesting to talk on different ideas regarding our lives and degrees without any discrimination while trying to earn a living from a job nobody had been trained for. Instead of conversing with the same circle you had been during your studies or your usual peers, it’s better to incorporate different experiences from diverse personalities that can widen your insights in life. You will learn a lot of things to apply to yourself while pursuing the journey in finding your passions. These are the kind of people you need to meet inorder to be more knowledgeable with anything.

We need to include different persons in our circle. It may mean different races and professions ; different backgrounds, age or gender. A mixture of friends make life more cheerful and interesting.

I went to review for my licensure exam and met individuals from different universities which helped me to be more enthusiastic in doing my best. We reviewed together, they come to my dormitory and I went to theirs also. Gaining friends unexpectedly and trying to help each other with whatever you can is gratifying. Some did passed the exam but not all of us were able to land a job related to our field. We did try our best but only some were lucky. The good part was at least we helped mold each other to strive more despite such predicaments. We didn’t stopped there, instead we kept going.

It’s the sad reality of the modern era, the unemployment in your own country or lack of job openings and even too much requirements for a new applicant with no experience regarding the job they are applying for. How could we gain experience by the way, if they wouldn’t let us,right? Philosophically, it’s nonsense and really frustrating. I was somewhat depressed. It was only until my sister and some friends influenced my views on trying another field of interest, meaning, another way to meet engaging people.

I decided to change the course of my life targeting employment abroad like many of my peers. I thought of it a lot because I was hesitant at first. But I realized that it’s a good way to widen my knowledge and experiences working with other nationalities and I was thinking of many more opportunities there is for my ambitiousness ,and so I grabbed it. Although it’s disheartening to leave the country that educated me, I went on my journey with firm decision and optimism.

In a densely populated country with a lot of graduates, unemployment is a crisis. Many try to go and work abroad, facing the oddity of life, even doing jobs they never dreamed of and meeting different people as well. Courage is the biggest luggage they brought with them.

I am one of those. Prior to that, I took a course to be prepared with the kind of job I know I will be employed at, though not everybody does it because of additional expenses and more time needed to pursue another diploma. I did it for myself, for my added knowledge to the job I will be embarking. You have to be aware and prepare yourself whatever the scenario will be. Anyhow, it’s always good to be competitive and ambitious whereever you go. Follow your heart. There is never an end chasing goals. You will be more confident trying to incorporate yourself in another society far from what you were use to.

Again, I met a lot of professionals and non professionals while studying and I would always be grateful for such experiences since it sharpened my mind better and have prepared me to where I am now. I was able to acquire a lot of knowledge from the people who gave a great impact to my well being.

For years living and working in another environment,populated with people of diverse cultures and different origins, I come to learn also the ones I can interact better and be friends with. Everybody seems nice but not all of them share the same insights as yours. Always find the circle you can adapt better not to make your other ambitions stagnant. Be with the people who encourage you to strive more rather than staying on the same situation. Balance your life according to the influence of your surroundings, good and bad, it makes you more resilient facing all challenges on your journey.

Restricting yourself to the same lifestyle, makes your goals stunted. In a world of almost 8 billion people, we are just a tiny dot on the map. No one cares what you wanted to do in your life. If you want to move forward or backward, it’s your choice. If you wanted to be influenced by others, that depends on you too. You shape your own. But always open yourself to welcoming and absorbing ideas from individuals that inspires you.

Take in motivations and inspirations from the people that help mold you positively.Learn from your mistakes and experiences. And be a good influence to others as well. Life is best lived with good people around.