I’m not even hungry but every time I see such colorful vegetables and fruits ,particularly the striking greens, my mind suddenly imagines the crispness and flavorful kind of recipes I can make for a delicious meal. My mouth waters and my stomach grumbles. What a feeling!

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Being vegetarian is not only vegetables as the word implies.It includes the consumption of foods that substitute meat and other animal products.

Transitioning into a vegetarian requires a serious effort . It must be done in a gradual way lessening meat consumption while increasing fruits and vegetables, so the body will adapt to it better. You have to be prepared mentally and physically. I tried it myself before but my body didn’t cooperate. Maybe, I wasn’t supplied much with the proteins or other vital nutrients that can be derived from meat or it may be that I didn’t choose well the kind of non animal sources to fill in those nutrients I would be shedding without the consumption of meat. But above all, I think becoming a vegetarian is not really for me since my job needs more of my energy.

It’s a restrictive diet so you must pay attention to the sources of nutrients you need to include without meat in it. It’s actually challenging since you have to eliminate the natural sources of some of the most important vitamins and minerals your body needs so you have to be sure that you are well knowledgeable with other alternatives to provide your body the needed supplements. Research and read a lot before attempting.

Don’t be confused between a vegetarian and a vegan since there is a difference between them. Veganism falls under vegetarianism excluding the consumption of meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. Vegetarianism has some other levels basing on food choices.

I am actually a flexitarian which doesn’t fall under vegetarianism because I consume meat but at the least amount. I can’t totally eradicate meat from my diet since I need it. Not that I hate animals, I am an animal lover also but my diet does need meat on it. Others can do, but it always depend on how people can totally assimilate in their lifestyle without any side effects. It is a serious matter you have to decide and learn before engaging.

Compassion for animals is usually the reason why a lot of people are turning vegan nowadays. Most of us tend to stand against animal cruelty and exploitation especially in the food and textile industries.

People buy things made from animal furs and skins without being aware and concerned how they were extracted from certain animals, either legally or illegally. They eat any kind of dishes from almost all domesticated animals and those that are already vulnerable for extinction,even if the prices are like diamonds. These are just some of the realities of the grueling situation such animals undergo for human consumption. Animals must be treated with dignity in any way.

While it’s true especially in market industries, there are also reasons why people still consume meat products.

Since the start of human history, diet on meat and dairy products are always mixed.Clothings made from animal products are the number one raw materials for their clothings. Though centuries ago about 700 B.C, it is believed that there are already people with a strict vegetarian diet.

Food preferences depends on the level of energy needed to exert for a day in any kind of job and the availability of sources as well.

Animals too are divided to carnivores and herbivores, it’s the balance of the ecosystem. Everybody has their own classification base on food consumption- that’s nature’s balance.

I travelled one time to a meat eating culture country and it’s really hard to adjust my appetite. It’s a little bit funny and inconvenient as well because even though I hydrated my body well and ate other foods, my metabolism didn’t come out good. It’s actually an embarassing pain in the arse.A balance diet must always be aimed whereever you go. Try to research places that offer the kind of food you want when travelling to a country that has majority of meat as their staple food on the table. I am sure there are many alternatives instead of dieting like them. We respect other cultures but we need to respect our bodies too.

Your preferred food habit and preferences still depend on your insights.

Deprivation of nutrients from animal and it’s products make you weak and feeling rundown if you are not getting enough supplement from other alternative sources.

Lack of Vitamin B12, which is critical in cell division and the maintenance of nerve cells is the biggest concern for vegetarians.This vitamin is only found in animal products however,there are other alternatives and you can pop a pill as a supplement. But it’s still best to acquire it from natural food sources as we all know. You can check cereal products fortified with vitamin B12 and some other sources too, if you decided to become a vegetarian. And be aware of natural food sources to cope up for the nutrients you will be ruling out from not eating meat products.

Studies reveal that vegetarians can be protected from some major diseases but there isn’t still enough data to say how vegetarian diet influences a long-term health. Unless maybe, crossing out other influences such as smoking,alcoholism or passive physical activities, then you can have a better health than meat eaters or those with mixed diets if you pair it with an active lifestyle.

Non animal products are healthier

It depends.

Vegetarians tend to consume non animal derived foods that are likely to lower their total and LDL (bad) cholesterol, lower blood pressure and body mass index, which are associated with longevity and reduce risk for many chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart problems, according to researches. But they are also vulnerable to any diseases if not properly supplemented with the right amounts of nutrients.

In conclusion

As vegetable diet continue to increase popularity, people need to be well educated before attempting to transition.The natural food resources of nutrients that the body needs and some other alternatives to avoid bad side effects must be sought before. So if you would totally omit your consumption of meat and it’s products, instead of relying heavily on processed foods for supplements, make yourself be well prepared for the benefits and may be side effects according to how you consider it before taking it in.

We may eat meat but animal welfare should be taken into account by buying and consuming only those that were treated righteously. Majority are against animal abuse and we have the right to voice out our views on such unacceptable practices if we observe any one doing it.

The decision is still base on your views and according to what your body really need.

You don’t have to do what you can’t, especially if it affects your daily activities. Understand that not everything is good for everybody and not everybody can do all things.