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It was another beautiful day, maria (not her real name) woke up early in the morning, prepared herself and went straight to her daily job. She took with her a pack lunch and a snack in different containers and plastic bags which she usually does everyday. No doubt, she is very clean and organized. But imagine how many plastic bags she uses frequently because of too much obsession on ideas regarding food packing separately and neatly.

One day, she came home hungry, took an apple,turned the faucet on and washed the fruit as if the water is coming from a never ending waterfalls on Mount Olympus. Her obsession with cleanliness became a habit to the point of being annoying already.

While it’s true that we live in a world taking in foods full of pesticides and all whatsoever chemicals that may preserve its freshness, and farmers produced quantitative products quicker than the normal because of agricultural industrialization,it doesn’t mean that water can be use extravagantly to clean or cultivate them . We are aware that we have tons and tons of plastics that end up in the oceans but still we keep adding more.

Our governments and other organizations are doing their best to provide us with enough water supply but it always come together with “please conserve water” advice. Some establishments like hotels, restaurants and amusement parks are taking actions too and some don’t, actually.

Saving the environment advocacies must be assimilated and internalized by all citizens so actions can be taken.

Yes, we pay our bills and taxes exactly at the right time but that shouldn’t be all. Life isn’t only a one sided goal-work; earn, enjoy and be satisfied. How could you be satisfied reaching your goals if on the journey, you don’t put attention to little things that has influence on you as an individual and your surroundings?We need to do something worthy.

We talk about countries with less or even no potable water and pity them. The mountains of garbage in other countries became the topic of the universe.What is the use of talking when we are not even applying what is right with our daily activities. Every action starts within us.

If you don’t act what is proper, that means, you can’t give a better advice to others. It all begins with you, with us.

Nobody wanted to follow a person who does the opposite to what she or he is advocating.

All of us are busy with our daily lives but we can atleast help save the earth by doing the simplest of things that has great impact to our environment.

Use water sparingly

I was born in a place where we usually derive water from underground sources using artesian wells/pumps. I have seen people struggling to find sources of water for household and farm use. How much more in this generation of almost 8 billion people. We need more water supply to go on with our daily lives.

Living in rural and urban places must always aim to conserve and preserve the cleanliness and sources of water supplies. There is no exception with the rules. We must be responsible for our welfare and throughout the next generation.

In my previous vacation, it was the first time in my life to qieue for water within the capital city of my country. I always saw it on news updates only but I had never fetched water from the ground floor area up to the 36th floor. While their is an elevator for sure , just imagine in an urban area with millions of people and lack of clean water supply, it’s so hard to survive. Water is a universal need. We need water in any case to function well.

Climate change is real and we have to do something to atleast spread the advocacy of saving the earth.

Water should be use in the right manner. Turn off faucets when not in use, that’s practicality especially when lathering shampoo on your hair and while soaping your bodies. Use a glass when brushing your teeth instead of letting the water flow endlessly. These are just the simplest ways to be a contributor for water conservation at home. There are many more ways and we must do it on ourselves with awareness, instead of waiting for somebody else to remind us.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

Segregate your trashes

Where I am living at present, and sure almost all countries in the world, every government and many non government organizations are campaigning for proper incineration and segregation of trashes, it only depends upon the implementation. Dumpsters are sorted out by colors to separate biodegrables and non biodegrables,papers and bottles as well, but people are still going against it, putting all mixed trashes at once to the nearest garbage bin they can reach especially when they are rushing.

I saw my parents at home putting aside degradable trashes and using it as compost, it’s always good to start education at home. Actions are better picked up rather than words alone.

One time, I was about to go to the market and my nephew told me, auntie , do you want to be fined?I asked him why,then he said, our town’s local government implemented the ordinance of no plastic no sale in our town.I was amazed! I went to the market and they only wrapped vegetables in old newspapers, which is really environmental friendly. In grocery stores, they have ecobags but you still have to bring your own big baskets when you want to buy more things since these bags are only for light things.Yes, plastic use is banned and the implementation is in progress.

Though I still see people trying to go against it, many are atleast trying to follow the ordinance. And that’s also why we need to have stronger campaigns to support such environmental programs for everybody’s welfare.

I just hope, it would be implemented more widely in urban areas since it is where a lot of garbage are piled higher as mountains and people are more notorious in following ordinances.

There is no easy result for every campaign. We need a lot of effort with this kind of advocacies because we all have diversified beliefs.

Eat less meat

Campaigns on less meat consumption are widespread too. Farmed animals especially livestocks, produce greenhouse gasses such as methane that is destructive to the atmosphere. They eat feedcrops cultivated in majority of our arable lands which also uses much of our freshwater reservoirs and acquifiers. And they contribute further to pollution from their waste products.

Although it’s not the biggest cause of global warming, animal and meat consumption are significant contributors in the sense that production leads to deforestation by expanding pasture lands for grazing animals and wide use of arable lands to grow feedcrops.

Animal agriculture is responsible for a huge percentage of human-caused carbon dioxide emission next to burning fossil fuels for energy consumption such as machineries in production and transportation.

Our enviroment is changing every second and if you just listen to advocacies on saving it without doing anything, nothing will make it a better place for us and the next generation. We need to help implement what is right even if we are busy in own lives, by applying it first to ourselves so people can follow. Nothing is as easy as we think but if we work it out, good results will show up.

Think of yourself,your children and childrens’ children. Start it now, nothing is too late.

If you love yourself, you must love your surroundings as well.